Yes, we do if you want us to. We do not rule out the need for group shots.
Yes of course, we always have a generous amount of backup equipment and it is exceptionally rare that a technical issue pops up during the event. In case something unfortunate happens, we are covered.
Absolutely, we have full professional insurance.
Yes, in order to view my portfolios, you just have to get in touch with our team or you can browse our work through our websites.
No. This much of an issue is not much of a problem for us.
We literally use the best equipment.
It’s really good. With the best lighting facilities and the best technical experts not to mention the best photographers, we will bring you the best output.

You can directly call us so we can tell you.

Yes. Contact us through our website and we are sure to respond.
You don’t need to practice as it is entirely my job to make you pose and look amazing.

Contact Information